Wooden homes CONUS - Nelson are objects for customers who enjoy living the modern types of houses destined for permanent whole year living, that have the same layout as brick houses or look like wooden houses – according to the investor‘s requirements.
They are produced from red cedar eventually from northern spruce.
Their quality is incomparably higher than that of wooden houses produced in our country.

These, as well as all other Canadian houses offered by us are really produced in Canada and it is not just a misleading name „Canadian wooden homes“ as used by some companies for their products, referring just to some „Canadian style“, that could mislead the investor. As this is of major importance for each investor, we suggest that each investor in case of presentation of any Canadian wooden house, realizes and checks all the facts.

Our wooden houses fulfil, as well as all our houses, the strictest criteria for wooden constructions or any other construction types in the world, in the countries with the highest economic power.

The basic offer contains:

A) 1-storey family and vacation houses and constructions CONUS - Nelson:

B) 2-storey family and vacation houses and constructions CONUS - Nelson:

By clicking on the picture you will be transferred to the site with the house types and sizes and you will be able to see the better overview of the house, floor footprint and description.

The biggest Canadian producer of wooden houses NELSON Homes Ltd., based already in 1949, produces for our independent company CONUS Group wooden homes and constructions CONUS and we as their official distributor and sale coordinator for Slovak and Czech republics deliver and build or just sell these houses. The objects are produced upon investor’s order from the offered catalogue projects and they can be anyhow amended before the production according to the investor’s requirements, client’s or our own projects or in cooperation with the design team. The below mentioned wooden houses are from our catalogues and they serve just as demonstration of the technological capacities to show what kind of design could the wooden house have in the final stage. That one is basically unlimited, same as for brick or any other construction types.

The offer of basic types is constantly growing.

Also the constructions of exterior walls are variable and for each wooden construction are chosen according to the layout.

The range of delivery depends on the idea of investors. We can deliver turnkey deliveries that are ready for moving in straight away after their completion. In Canada it’s possible to deliver to the construction site even the houses completely assembled, however this is not used in our conditions due to the transport limitations. We deliver the houses also up to an agreed construction stage and the investors can complete the construction on their own or we can deliver the house in the produced, not assembled condition and they can build the house completely on their own.

This concerns also the range of the material delivery of wooden construction. It’s usually in two basic types: 

- Complete package CONUS - Nelson, which is the delivery of the whole house ( also with the roof cladding from the Canadian shingle ) and its
  range can be found here

- Framing package CONUS - Nelson, which is not a complete delivery of the whole house ( missing windows, doors, etc. ) and its range can be
  found here

All wooden constructions delivered by us are very low energetic. They are used in the coldest and warmest areas in the world. They have been successfully tested by the nature of  Canadian homeland since 1949.

No dimension is invariable, whether it’s exterior or interior wall dimension, height or layout of rooms, windows, doors or anything else – everything can be changed according to the client’s idea because each house is a unique product on the order of a unique customer.

For each house a completely new production and project documentation is produced according to the approved sketches from the client. That’s why we don’t need any project documentation prepared in advance from the customer and in case our clients have it already, they can use it to get the building permit ( in case they don’t have it yet ) but for our production and construction needs it fulfils just the role of sketches, the same as just a sketch drawn on a piece of paper within few minutes. For this reason, we do not recommend to process the project documentation in advance or to buy completed correspondence projects. For us it forms part of house delivery and it’s part of the house price as well. However in case the client has it, we can use it to the maximal extent in the sense of what has been mentioned above.

Integral part of our wooden constructions deliveries is formed not just by the complete project documentation for submission for building permit request but also by the complete realization project documentation, including all geodetic works necessary for construction and Registry of real estate and photo documentations of implemented technologies.

You can go through and choose the suitable model also in virtual CONUS – Nelson catalogues available for downloading: "The Legacy builds On..."  and  "Delivering dreams", that contain also the above mentioned models.

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