As often the investor go to their limits with financial possibilities, they might not have the easiest situation during the completion of construction or after moving into the dreamed house. For easier completion of construction, lowering first operational costs or keeping the life standard of investor, we try to offer for certain volume of delivery one extra benefit from the benefits mentioned below:
- we pay you the rental of propane tank
- we pay you the first filling of propane tank ( up to 1,2 t ),
which would cover you approximately 1-2-yearly costs for heating
- in the first season we pay you yearly costs for heating
- we pay you some part of the heating technology
or we deliver you the complete heating technology for free
- we pay you some part of the solar heating technology or we deliver you the complete heating technology for free
- we deliver you extra room for free 

- we deliver you the complete kitchen desk for free
according to your own choice in the shops of our business partners, including the colour
( all the shades according to RAL ) and surface solution, with the ironwork and kitchen appliances of the highest quality on the market. They are no chipboard or kitchen desks necessary to be assembled according to manual but they are complete cupboards from the manufacture with no visible joints or screws etc. ( they are sealed in ). Ironwork reacts on light pushing with leg, knee, hand etc. so it’s common that some cupboards do not even have handles.
 - we deliver you a car for free from our business partners according to our actual offer

These extra benefits concern just individual investors and not development companies etc. They are not claimable, they concern just our actual offer and our capacities and also suitability for your object and can be provided only with approval of the investor as well as the supplier.

CONUS Group shall not be liable for any differences in technical and time execution of extra benefit delivery as it is a direct relationship between benefit supplier and investor and we, CONUS Group, can be but not necessarily have to be an involved side in this delivery.

CONUS Group reserves all rights to any changes in the provision of extra benefits, including their revocation!

© 1990 CONUS

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