Quality of CONUS wooden houses fulfils the highest criteria for living in the economically strongest countries. They have been during many decades successfully tested all over the world – we don’t test them at your place. The constructions have the same quality during many decades or with good care even centuries. They don’t deteriorate after several years as other wooden houses. They have no installations on the wall surface – if it’s suitable, not even in the boiler rooms or technical rooms – all are inside the walls or are covered and so the walls can be fully used.

If we think that we offer financial level which exceeds your financial possibilities, we will tell it to you in advance in order to discourage you from planned investment and we would not just try to get your signature in the contract as some “businessmen“ do. We bring joy in the life and not unhappiness!
We offer important building, financial and delivery benefits -  the highest quality, health safety, great instant as well as long-term investing opportunity, not only for you but also for your future generations, great warranties, some extra benefit as for example free kitchen desk, free heating, payment of heating costs for one year, car for free etc.

Pleasure from a good quality lasts much longer than pleasure from a low price !  With us for many generations !

The highest qualitative benefits:
We offer the complete range of the wall constructions of the highest quality in the world – from the leading Canadian and Finnish companies. Higher quality is currently not offered, you can find only equivalent but not higher quality at our Canadian and Finish competition. In such a case it’s small nuances that decide, sympathy and mutual communication of all sides or the price.

Highest health benefits:
We own the certificate – Allergy label – Since 1st May 2011 we can as the first and the only construction company use the logo of Association for asthma and allergies and at the same time our products can use the Allergy label to prove that they are safe for people suffering from asthma and allergies.

Great immediate investment benefits:
We offer to those investors that we build turnkey deliveries for or to those that buy all the installations from us, as well as sanitary techniques, tiles, flooring and similar things for the interior, approximately 15% discount from our retail prices and they can choose their merchandise themselves. We will recommend them the most suitable deliveries according to us but it depends just on them which merchandise they will decide for. It is sufficient if they choose the merchandise on internet directly from the websites of producers and then they can buy from us that particular merchandise with the discount. It can be said that they would spare compared to common prices approximately the same amount that we would gain and both sides are happy. Besides that, in such a case we can carry the merchandise to the construction site straight away so there would be definitely no time delay in construction. Our investors like to use this system.

Excellent long-term investment benefits:
Wooden houses from us are thanks to its excellent artisanal conception, used material and long-term testing in the toughest conditions on Earth ( in the most extreme cold and warm areas of the world ) the great and safe investment. Not just for you but also for your future generations ( they keep their price in the given period of time – they copy the current price of real estate ). What else can we even desire from immobility with the health parameters of the highest quality?!
Wooden homes and wooden constructions CONUS present a great investment and the best pension pillar !

Our manufacturers are on the market several decades: since years 1949, 1968 and 1973.
We, CONUS Group, their representatives, are on the market since 1990, within one year since it became possible in our country.
Great guaranties:
As we are experienced installation company and company of facility management, we know that cheap installations are a big mistake and into our objects we install only the best quality material technologies in the market, so called „icing on the cake“, that are not much more expensive but are of good quality and have the best warranty on the market. For example the roof cladding, even made of tin, has warranty of 50 years, boiler exchangers 10 years, fireplace insertions 9 years etc. Our warranty often exceeds 2 - 5 times the common warranty periods of installed technologies from other suppliers or developers. For installations – tubes, with the emphasis on the least possible number of joints or even without joints.

Extra benefits are mentioned here.

Other construction benefits of not sinking Finnish wooden constructions from Thermo Log can be found here.

Other delivery benefits, not at all unimportant ones:
There is no noise and no dust on the construction site, we don’t use noisy equipment such as chainsaw etc. We use only joiner and not carpenter technology. The details are very precisely conceived which is appreciated by professional joiners.
We do not need water or expensive electricity for the construction, we can build the house with one extension cord for 230 V or potentially with a small electrical aggregate in case no electricity is available.
We make photo documentation for covered installations in case the investors do not do it themselves.
All our customers are also our friends or good acquaintances – we are especially proud of this as well as they are proud owners of our wooden houses. With their initiative we founded informal Club of friends of Finnish wooden constructions and now we are founding the Club of friends of Canadian wooden constructions. As owner of a wooden construction from our manufactories, you can become a member of these clubs, which do not commit you to anything and neither require anything from you.
We use houses built by us for demonstration to potential customers and their owners will gladly show you around and explain you their experience with living and cooperation with us. It is not a problem for them as they are proud of their houses. These visits can be with our participation or without us – you can just choose the time and location, or house, mostly according to the wall construction that you are the most interested in.
We do not have any lawsuits with our investors or suppliers  !

During construction we are insured up to 700 000 € ( and as a real estate agency to 50 000 € extra ) and our sub suppliers up to 350 000 € - and also that is the reason why many from people that are interested to be our potential sub suppliers cannot be our suppliers – only acknowledged workers proud of their craft and listening to investors can start the construction.

© 1990 CONUS

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