FRAMING PACKAGE ( CIF - including a transport on the site )

Framing package CONTAINS:

All wall panels:                          interior / support ( 2x4 ) + exterior with necessary openings for windows and doors ( 2x6 ) 
Roof constructions:                  beams and covers, plywood ( load capacity 400 kg/m2 ) 
Roof shingles:                           Canadian shingle
Ceiling floor construction:       for models with more storeys
Stairs and banister:                  only for models with more storeys
Nails, screws, sealants
Vapour permeable foil Tyvek
Framing package DOES NOT CONTAIN:
Windows and doors
Any inner equipment, installations (electric conductors, cables, tubes, pipes) and appliances
Any appliances for kitchen or bathroom
Heating, cooling and recirculation system
Floor coverings ( floors / carpets / tiles )
Inner vapour barrier
Facing materials: stone / tiles / bricks / plasters
No coatings, paintings, stains
Porches / inner terraces / atria / patios

The package can contain the above mentioned items in case of special order.

House siding can be used as a part of packages in case of order. 
There are several types. 
From wood up to other facing material – from manufacturers whose services we use, you can check their offer on and
You can build in any weather.
No water or expensive electricity is necessary for the construction.

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