We sell the CONUS wooden homes, build them on turnkey or up to an agreed construction stage. If the investors wish to realize the construction themselves, in our conditions nothing causes a legislative problem for them. They can finish the construction or even do it completely on their own. There are construction types where it is possible to build the Basic package with us and the investors can finish the house on their own ( and use in the construction any type of windows, doors etc. ). We can also build or just deliver the Complete package. So the investors could build even the whole house on their own if they want. However there are construction types that we do not recommend to build even to the most experienced ones. Without our help even the most experienced carpenters can have problems. In such a case we recommend to use for the construction certain services of joiners and not carpenters. During construction we use only joiner technologies and not carpenter – they are very different. A few millimetres can be important during the construction and that’s how it has to be handled. So for us it is very important to have the references from professional joiners who can judge the best the artisanal conception of production and the assemblies of wooden houses supplied by us.

One example is the following story with one of them:
During the construction of wooden house one joiner came into an almost complete house in order  to measure the future wooden kitchen desk. To our surprise his first sentence was: “You will build one house also for me.“ Then he added: “I’m a professional joiner  continuing in a long family tradition. I do not want any other house just a wooden house. I’ve been walking for 5 years in each wooden construction I’ve ever got to and I’ve always had to comment on poor quality of wooden houses, not even talking about the conception of their details. In this house I’m really excited about the material and whole conception, the details included. I do not have to search anymore.“ 

Building of home CONUS:

Preparation of construction site
Delivery of wooden home CONUS on the site
The basic construction up to covering – under the roof foil or even under the cladding, in approximately 1 - 4 weeks, according to the size of wooden
                                                                construction and type of cladding
Roof cladding
Windows and doors
Chimneys and  exhausting
Thermal and noise insulation
Installations of networks in the object
Installations of sanitary techniques
Covering of exterior and interior
Cladding, tiles and flooring
Fireplace – choice of 100 of types from 10 producers you can find here ( on our other website www.conus.sk )
Coating and painting
Installations of networks on the ground
Testing and revision
Energetic certificate
Photo documentation
The handover of construction
Geodetic work after the construction up to submission to the Registry of real estate 

Building of home CONUS - Nelson:


In the most developed countries, where the wooden houses rule to all the constructions, in Canada, Finland and other countries, the quality of wooden house is secured by the law when the investors cannot build the house by themselves and the working procedures are controlled by inspectors. The work can be done only by professionals and the necessary documentation for building approval has to contain the signature of many inspectors. This guarantees that the wooden house has all necessary parameters and would not deteriorate with time. In our conditions the construction on its own is common and the construction is just supervised by construction supervision which is already obligatory even for these cases.

The duration of the construction of the object depends on many circumstances ( shape and slope of the ground, basement, deliveries etc. ) however the construction time of the wooden house itself is the fastest from all common material from which the objects can be built. In general it is possible to say that a wooden house with just ground floor or 2 floors of footprint area 100 - 150 m2 is usually built on turnkey within 3 - 5 months, depending on the construction type. In average it is done in 4 months. However within the same period even two times bigger object could be built, it depends on the complexity of the construction.

In case of building on a relatively small ground, it is not unusual to use in case of necessity even the ground of neighbours. It is only for a short period of time and we will not even damage the lawn.

Object will get under the roof cladding within 1 - 4 weeks but the other work up to completion of turnkey delivery will take the remaining time to approximately 4 months. 

Often we face the cases when investors have problem to choose the heating method of the object as well as with the preparation of warm water and they don’t have in the proximity any gas source and consider other options or they get recommendations for more complicated and more expensive solutions. It’s been third decade that we act as well as company providing heating solutions and so we know that the easiest solution is the best one. The majority of our wooden houses in such cases are heated by propane and individual investors can confirm you that they are satisfied with the maximal comfort and with very low operational cost- in contrary to that what is generally affirmed even among some so called heating engineers. We cooperate third decade with the biggest propane suppliers. Today it is even possible to control the boiler with the cell phone. We can gasify any object, whether it is in the forest or in the desert. So even a common small boiler is sufficient, excellent solution in combination with solar heating of water, propane container  under the ground in the garden and it is not necessary to invest in other more complicated solutions – our houses do not need recuperation, air conditioning etc. However they can have it, of course, if wanted. The above mentioned means will enable you higher investment in the quality of wooden construction or its size. And for heating of large objects we have to our disposal mobile boilers for all media types. 

In case the investors want to complete the wooden house on their own after our completion just from Basic package with roofing by Canadian shingles, it is possible to complete this work for the investor within 1 - 3 weeks.

On agreement we build also objects on green meadow, also including the basement, engineering networks or propane tank. Potentially also with fence and ground amendments as well as extensive garden deliveries via our partners or we can just recommend them to you. 

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