We deliver you wooden houses CONUS, produced for CONUS Group in manufactures of world top Canadian and Finnish producers, in highest technological quality. We offer you on one place around 100 types of wall constructions in almost limitless possibilities of choice. They are really suitable for every environment. 

We make your homes better and healthier than you can imagine or better than you could even hope !

Process of wooden house manufacture and delivery to the construction site:

The investor's intention - it is enough to have an idea, sketch, photograph or image or to identify a similar “dream“ object from catalogues, with information about the amount of planned investment for the wooden house production or for turnkey delivery, whether it is completely with all engineering networks on the ground or without them - no project documentation is needed! 

The studies - within a few days we will offer you the study with the desired layout of wooden house and with our proposed type of wall construction ( or according to investor’s demand ), with the footprint, altimetry and preliminary cost of completely produced wooden construction with transportation to the construction site – the proposed wall construction and the whole study takes into account the planned investment of investor
( as among approximately 100 wall construction types there are huge price differences, we require information about the value of the total planned investment - in order to prepare a suitable offer ).

Comments and study amendment by investor - within a few days.

Amendment according to requirements - sending amended footprint, altimetry and layout from manufacture according to the comments and requirements of investor - within a few days.

Last approval from investor - mostly sent by return.

Final price - definitive price of wooden house production goes to the investor for approval and it will not change during the construction – if the investor has a clear idea about the whole construction, so the price of wooden house turnkey delivery is also definitive, possibly also with engineering networks – mostly by return - or possibly some issues will remain open even after agreement and will be solved during the time of construction.

Order and contract signing - if it is not a problem for you, we can organize it just via e-mail, fax or post – that is our standard procedure with remote customers.

Time from first meeting up to the order - this depends on investor and his plans; it can all take just approximately 7 days, as everything can be arranged through e-mail, phone, Skype but of course we always prefer personal meeting with the investor and sometimes just 1 - 2 meetings of several hours are sufficient.

Deposit - first deposit for production documentation and material production for the unique wooden house according to the individual requirement and order. It is the part of house price and then it is deducted from the total price of completely produced house material.

Instalments - successive instalments ( mostly 2 - 4 ) during wooden house production with all house material being completely 100% paid before the loading in the particular manufacture in Canada or Finland; price and instalments for the construction are agreed separately or together with the production of the house.

Project documentation - after sketching the footprint of the basement in the manufactory ( for the same object type but for different wall constructions the dimensions are always different ) we will immediately start working on project documentation for building permit that we hand over completely to investor within 5 - 6 weeks, mostly within one month – this way we can speed up the submission for construction procedure.

Production documentation - it is produced in manufactory and the wooden house material is made step by step according to this documentation. 

Assembly documentation - after production of house material together with its transportation to the construction the assembly documentation containing approximately 50 - 100 sketches of construction details is provided as well; the sketches of details provide all necessary construction parameters for any construction type, not only for its assembling but also the necessary air circulation etc and thanks to this the construction workers do not have to solve this important issues that significantly influence the durability and quality of the construction; wooden house is built according to the assembly documentation; project documentation is necessary for location of the construction and the installation of engineering networks and according to the stated procedure it is clear that the project documentation purchased in advance is not necessary for us as a supplier and therefore for the investor neither. The price of production, assembly and project documentation are always included  in our delivery and in the price of wooden construction and it is obvious that the project documentation cannot be done sooner than the production documentation; this concerns also the individual projects and so if you want to have a clear idea of how your future home will look like, it is better to get produced some sketches or drafts as the technological solutions of constructions and their connections are included in the price of house production by professional producers in design teams which cannot be so precisely known by projectants and they would do double work.

Assembly manual - for each  construction type we have assembly manual of about 75 - 100 pages, which completes the assembly documentation and solves the global issues by wooden house assembling; e. g. the sinking and not sinking wooden wall construction types have nothing in common during assembly, although it might seem to be the opposite case as both types concern a wooden construction.

Foundation and preparation of construction site - regarding the fact that the imported house material has quite large volume, the foundation is always done sooner than import of wooden house from the manufactory because otherwise there might be a problem of its location on the ground
( according to the size of construction site ); after the completion of foundation, which may take just 3 days from the green meadow up to complete deck, we can start to build within a few days ( 3 - 4 days ) and to use the standard system of material location on the deck and around according to the working procedures ( known as installation plan ).

Delivery of house material to the construction site - from 8 weeks up to 26 weeks, in average 14 weeks maximum, which implies that the bigger time problem is caused by acquirement of building permit than by production and import of house material to the construction site – the house material will be carried to the construction site in the week specified by the investor during contract signing and so after our recommendation it is upon investor decision how they will handle our legislation procedures, mainly concerning the building permit; the material from Canada will be imported by a ship and then trucks in containers and just two people are necessary for its unloading as maximal dimensions of whole prefabricated items are approximately 2,4 x 2,4m; from Finland the material is imported in trucks and then unloaded by a crane; wooden house with dimensions up to 80 - 85m2 can fit into 1 truck etc. It is not unusual to use in case of necessity even the ground of neighbours. It is only for a short period of time and we will not even damage the lawn. 

Building of wooden home CONUS

We deliver wooden houses of the highest quality, which has so far almost not been known on our market. We demolish the current myths about the possibilities of their use. We spread the knowledge and after visiting the objects that have been built by us, the future investors agree that they have not seen such quality yet. It happens that the investors wish to have a healthy wooden construction but they also have some fear as they often meet with low quality of their conception on our market. An important role is also played by the “historical“ conditions as in our regions we know only very old and mostly deteriorated wooden cabins. Many times one from the couple of investors has some doubts and after they clarify it for themselves, their relatives would tell them that a “real“ house is only a brick house. This is a very interesting fact as in the coldest areas of Canada and Finland, the people think exactly the opposite. However this is slowly changing... 
At least one example for all:
One projectant of brick houses in Slovakia, after our delivery of wooden house material to his daughter, found out that she with her husband decided for a wooden house and was very unhappy and even accused us of cheating them. Later he worked as supervisor on the construction. After the completion of the construction and staying few days and nights in the house, he said that he felt great in the house and he approved the choice and decision of his daughter and completely changed his attitude towards the top quality wooden houses.

The wooden house has the design from exterior as well as interior according to your requirements or requirement of architect and therefore nothing prevents it to be located anywhere, even in the city, which is in the contrary to current ideas that the wooden house belongs only into forest, mountains or somewhere nearby.

We are not limited even by the size of the construction, whether it is the width or the height. 

Each wooden construction is unique and produced only on the order. In the catalogues we have hundreds of wooden house projects but they are not typical catalogues which would have just exact types of produced houses. They are certain models that show the technological possibilities and requirements of the given period of time. However it is possible to change them according to the investor requirement in the whole range, it means: dimensions of exterior and interior, change of the roof slope, change of layout, roof cladding, move or change of windows, doors or terraces, cover of interior or exterior, adding or removing one floor – whatever you would require. Of course all this has an impact on the price as well. However the change does not influence the price as an amendment of a catalogue project in the case of many suppliers would, but only in the way if the number of material items increases or decreases. It means that the construction type according to customer requirement, any so called atype, is a standard solution and not an atype increasing the price.

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