COMPLETE PACKAGE ( CIF - including a transport on the site )

Complete package CONTAINS:
All wall panels:                interior / support ( 2x4 ) + exterior with necessary openings for windows and doors ( 2x6 ) 
Constructions:                 floor beams and covers, plywood – for models with more storeys
Roof constructions:        beams and covers, plywood ( load capacity 400 kg/m2
Roof shingles:                 Canadian shingle - also different kind available on demand
Stairs and banister:         only for models with more storeys
All windows:                    standardly vinyl, 2-glasses – it is possible to order other or better window types
All doors:                          entrance, interior, closet; handles, locks, hinges, accessories 
Garage door:                    only for models with garage, accessories ( but not motor control )
Insulation:                        eco-green = eco-insulation-green, impregnated against pest, made of natural fibers, inserting ( optional ); we now use
                                           the new E Panel ™, so most of the insulation is not necessary 
Hurricane ( windstorm + earthquake ) struts / anchors

Plasterboard and all necessities for applications
Nails, screws, sealants
Vapour permeable foil Tyvek and inner vapour barrier

All necessary plans, contract and supporting and customs documentation
Complete package DOES NOT CONTAIN:

Any inner equipment, installations (electric conductors, cables, tubes, pipes) and appliances
Any appliances for kitchen or bathroom
Heating, cooling and recirculation system
Floor coverings ( floors / carpets / tiles )
Facing materials: stone / tiles / bricks / plasters
No coatings, paintings, stains

Porches / inner terraces / atria / patios - are also extra and are optional 
The package can contain the above mentioned items in case of special order.

For the complete package we now use the new panel “E Panel™” for exterior walls.

It is used where the eco-insulation is sprayed between joists and another sheet of insulation is then further added, attached outside. The total panel has the thickness ( width ) of about 200 mm ( counted without plasterboard ) and has the insulation value R30.
Intelligent insulation:
From the inner side of panels the foam is sprayed – just to the half of the thickness, due to the later installation of tubes, pipes, electricity etc.
After completion of all installations the inserted insulation is added everywhere which will enable an easy access to everything in case of potential problems. Inserted insulation will raise the resistance by further R15. From the exterior there are sheets of insulation added ( lightweight foam – it is already installed from the manufacture, mostly it is the blue STYROFOAM – it has the resistance R15 ).
It is mostly used with the width dimension of approximately 5 cm. It creates the thermal barrier – brake for heat-loss. The total amount of wall is approximately R50. In Canada the requirement for walls is mostly R30, in Alaska or Yukon R50 ( those are temperature/climate zones ).
House siding can be used as a part of packages. 
There are several types. 
From wood up to other facing material – from manufacturers whose services we use, you can check their offer on and
Construction material:
Canadian wood is very coveted construction material and basically its similar form can be found throughout the world only in the zones with the same cold climate conditions.
We use mostly these 4 varieties: red cedar, northern spruce, pine and fir.
For export we use only the wood of the best quality. We do not use OSB boards ( however we can deliver them on demand ) or other similar material made of waste sawdust and glued with toxic adhesives. We always use just the best quality plywood. Our material complies with the rules for export to EU countries and it’s twice thermally and chemically treated.
Panel kits are carried to the site in containers and their assembly and thus the construction of wooden house does not require any other special joinery or carpentry skills, and mostly neither the use of scaffolding and cranes. Basic structure ( skeleton ) is usually composed and roofed within 2 weeks.
In the CONUS - Nelson houses it is possible to live within 3-4 months.
You can build in any weather.
No water or expensive electricity is necessary for the construction.

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